1. Booking will be confirmed at the time of payment.

2. Slaughtering will take place at a UAE abattoir in accordance with Shariah Rulings.

3. Sharjah Municipality holds the right to remove any part/whole of the animal if it fails to pass the ‘fit for consumption’ test. In this case Zabeeha Online will not be held liable to deliver that meat.

4. The sale of animals to the customer/customers for the purpose of Qurbani will take place before the day of slaughtering.

5. Customer, hereby, authorizes Zabeeha Online to accept the sale and possession of animals on behalf of the customer after verifying the fitness of animals for the purpose of Qurbani in accordance with Shariah Rulings.

6. The average weight of goat meat would be 13-15 kg. However, the size and weight of the live animal sacrificed will determine the final share of meat.

7. Please note that due to heavy load of Qurbani activity, it is not possible to provide ‘Brain’ and ‘Trotters’. Thus Zabeeha Online provides only kidney, heart & liver.

8. The delivery (if booked) will be done by Zabeeha Online as per the schedule set by Zabeeha Online management.

9. Cancellation will not be entertained once the booking has been made.


1. Customer, hereby, authorizes Zabeeha Online to perform Qurbani/Slaughter of the customer purchased animal in accordance with Shariah Rulings on behalf of the customer.

2. The meat will be delivered on the day and time specified by Zabeeha Online Management.

3. Zabeeha Online will try its level best to comply with all Shariah compliance procedures regarding Qurbani.